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11 December 2007
I would consider myself a seasoned fisherman of 30+ years. I have fished many places for many people and have experienced many different things on the water, Fresh and Salt.
With all that said, I can go and fish with Captain Doug Youngblood and those trips rank among my best. Doug is a great fisherman and a wonderful person to spend the day with period. A day on the water with Fish Lanier Guide Service is some of the best money you will spend.

Thanks Doug for all the wonderful trips and all your help.

Sincerely,      John Mark Thorne


5 December, 2007
Unbelievable!  1st Class!  Doug, you are the Man!  
John M. Thorne


August 1, 2007

Just a quick note to  let you know we had an incredible outing with you.  It was myself, my father, and my two sons and it was absolutely amazing. We have never been on such a great fishing trip. Doug, you are not only a great guide but a wonderful person as well ...thank you for time and expertise , we enjoyed every minute of the afternoon and caught many, many huge fish.
We will be seeing you again very soon.   Thanks, Dawn Patterson


August 13, 2007

Doug is an outstanding fisherman. ...Thanks for the great fishing and all the great tips.   Friends forever,  Brett Heinemeyer


August 21, 2007

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful trip one the water with the guys from Bill Heard.  If anyone wants to have a wonderful time catching big fish and have an excellent captain I can't say enough about Captain Doug.Captain Doug is a wonderful guide and just a great person to be around.Doug we appreciate all the big fish and big Dana says thank you for catching his first fish.        Thank You, Craig Metcalf


August 22, 2007

I had a great time on the trip. I went with Doug and my uncle Lanier Hunt. I caught about 15 fish that day. The ranged from 5 to 18.5 pounds. It was fun to reel in the fish. The 18.5 pound took me 10 mins to reel in. It was a great experience and I think you should go have fun to.  Austin McCranie


September 18, 2007

It was fantastic! Even though I ran late, Doug was there smiling, well maybe laughing, to see his charter show up alone when she had planned a day out with her husband, and dressed in her tennis cooler, no camera...but he was a great captain and took me to several great fishing spots and I caught over a dozen large stripers...The boats around us were envious! Thanks Doug.          Bring Mary to the house with the girls!
CC Cox


21 May, 2007
I just wanted to let you know that our guys truly enjoyed the fishing trip on Thursday.  We heard only very positive comments, along with quite a few fishing tales, at the dinner that evening.  One of our guys had even been out with Doug on a previous occasion.  Thanks for making this operations retreat fishing trip an enjoyable one.
Ann Futch - Bovis Lend Lease


April 9, 2007
Fantastic, is only one of the words that could be used to describe the trip. Doug has a GOD given talent that most of us dream of having. It was nice to see that Doug not only could help you catch fish, but has an ability to teach, mentor, and give you confidence in fishing. This is a lifetime sport that is slowly going away. I will always cherish the moments of laughter, the large number of fish we caught. that my son, Doug and myself had on our trip. If you are not a client yet, become one. It is well worth it.
Doug, may God continue to bless you,your family and your guide service.
P.s. Anybody catches a fish carrying a red Samsung phone, call me!!! See even on Dougs trips even the loss of the phone was sorta fun!!!    John Andrews

21 December, 2006
Thanks for a great day on the lake.  Your guide service and skills are top notch.  The smile on my son's face is forever in my memory.  Thanks again, Joe Foster     
6 December, 2006
Just wanted to touch base with you regarding the trip you made with Jim and Buddy.  From the time I got home that evening up until I forced them both to go to bed, I heard every single detail of the day.  They have not stopped talking about it.  You are their hero for putting them on the big fish that day.  Thank you so much.  Buddy said he wants to be a guide....just like Doug.  Get ready for some competition....after he finishes college!  (Mom's requirement!) Thank you again for a wonderful trip.                Telle Kittle

July 27, 2006

We arrived at Lake Lanier late Tuesday night, and as first timers had no idea where to go for anything.  I was able to get an e-mail to Doug on Wednesday morning, and promptly received a call back from his lovely wife, Mary.  She was kind and very helpful, and she understood that I had two boys who needed to be taken fishing.  She worked through everything and was able to get us booked for Thursday morning (bless her!).  Doug picked us up promptly just a few steps from our Lakehouse frontdoor, and we were off.

Doug exercised a great deal of patience with we novice fishermen, but even a inexperienced fisherman like me could appreciate his knowledge of the Lake, and his knowledge of fishing.

We had a great time, and sincerely appreciate Doug (and Mary) for their time and efforts.    Tony, David and Rob Huffman

June 1, 2006
Doug, I just wanted to let you know how much fun Cale had yesterday when Larry Thomas brought him fishing. They have already took the fish to be mounted.  I wish my dad was alive to enjoy how much Cale loves to fish. It was such a big part of dads life. I hope he didn't ask you too many questions.  Again, thank you and I think Cale is saving his own money so he can spend another day with you.


31 May, 2006
Great day of fishing.  The largest fish I ever caught.  I am 10 years old.  Thanks for the great trip.  Cale

April 4, 2006
It was awesome!!! Doug was a professional guide, as Dad said, "he even baited our hooks." Not that we would have minded doing it ourselves! Dad and I had a wonderful time on the lake. The weather was iffy on Saturday and Dad still was able to catch a 22 pound striper and the girls at home thought it was YUMMY! Doug was forthcoming in teaching us many of his tricks and techniques for catching stipers on Lake Lanier and secrets of the sport for other lakes around the country, such as Lake Powell, located in Southern Utah.  The stripers in Lake Powell are only about 5 pounds and the look on Dad's face when he reeled in the 22 pounder, the first fish of the day, was priceless. Dad and I also appreciated Doug's Christian attitude and behavior. Thank you Doug for a fabulous weekend.
  Dave Reinhart
March 10, 2006
"I would like again to express my gratitude for the fishing trip with you and Mark Davis on 9-8-05 and 3-6-06.  You have made those times a special memory for me in another manner, however.  I had never fished with a guide before and did not know what to expect. Thank you for a great time and especially the way you remember your faith in God.  It is certainly a blessing to fish and enjoy the outdoors with a person that knows Jesus Christ.  It shows pleasantly in the way you do business.  May God Bless Your Family in Mighty Ways. Thanks again."          Bill Shirley


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